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Do I Need To Wear A Truss For My Hernia?

This is one of the questions we are most frequently asked about hernias treatment, especially by men who feel that their inguinal hernia is quite small and insignificant. Our answer is this.

An inguinal hernia is a part of your intestine bulging through a gap or tear in the muscles of your intestinal wall. When intestines continue to protrude through this gap, they prevent that tear or rupture from healing itself. It’s like trying to heal a cut while keeping your finger permanently in it.

A good hernia support isn’t just helpful to prevent pain and/or discomfort – it forms part of an inguinal hernia treatment by keeping the intestine inside, where it belongs, and so gives the edges of the rupture a chance to come together and hopefully to knit back together again. As far as hernias treatment is concerned, it’s a bit like wearing a plaster cast to support a broken leg while it heals.

To be effective, your hernia support or truss must have pads that remain in contact with your hernia at all times, and do not intrude into the aperture. Rounded pads that bulge inwards can both hinder healing and cause scarring to the edges of the hernia. The Flat Pad Support was designed to support the hernia without intruding into it.

Will Wearing A Support Or Truss Make My Muscles Lazy?
Some individuals are worried that wearing a support will make their muscles lazy. This is completely unfounded and unproven. If it were true, people would not be reporting that their hernias have healed (see Anthony’s story below).

An exercise programme is also an important part of hernias treatment to help heal an inguinal hernia. It is easier to do the exercises if the bulge is controlled by wearing a support.

When Not To Wear A Support
You should not wear a support if your hernia cannot be pushed all the way back in, or if the support causes any pain or discomfort.

Will wearing a support increase the risk of strangulation?
We have not found any evidence that strangulation of the hernia can occur if the hernia is properly supported and kept in. But as always, do check with your doctor if you are experiencing any discomfort or if you are not sure whether your hernia is properly “in”.

Is it true that hernias treatment requires surgery to prevent strangulation?
Strangulation occurs when the gap through which the intestine protrudes, closes up too tightly around the protruding intestine. This may be caused by muscular tension or by the gap attempting to heal. Although there are not yet clinical trials to prove this, wearing a support to keep the intestine inside the abdomen makes it much less likely that strangulation will occur.

More information about the Flat Pad Inguinal Hernia Support from the Support Company

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