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Anthony: A Hernia Cure

Aged 60, Anthony, who worked as a mowing contractor, decided in March 2008 that it was time to get fit again. He renewed his gym subscription and started back on weights. Shortly after trying to bench 100 kg for the first time in 15 years, he developed a pain in his right groin, which was diagnosed as an inguinal hernia. Anthony’s doctor booked him in for hernia repair surgery, which was to be carried out in September.

While awaiting surgery, Anthony consulted a homeopath and osteopath. He was treated with constitutional remedies, and also drank horsetail tea (for silicon), took calc-fluor tissue salts and vitamin C. The osteopath gave Anthony simple exercises for strengthening his transverse abdominal muscles.

Anthony stopped all other forms of exercise, gave up his mowing job, and avoided stretching and lifting anything heavier than 2-3 kilos for about three months. He ordered a hernia support garment (the “Flat Pad Support”) to help keep the hernia in and prevent it from getting worse.

When the hernia first appeared, it would pop out 10 times a day, just from walking around or standing in the shower. This stopped when Anthony started wearing the support garment and ceased all aggravating activity. But in May it emerged again when he tried doing some push-ups without wearing the support, so he went back to wearing it for a couple of hours a day.

By June the hernia appeared to be under control, and Anthony felt confident enough to start doing some mild aerobic exercises and strength training at home. He also began doing some work on his tractor which involved a certain amount of straining. When doing these activities Anthony wore his hernia support, which he found gave him a feeling of security and took much of the tentativeness out of his daily activities.

By September the hernia had improved so much that Anthony postponed the surgery for three months. To check that the hernia really had gone, he went for an ultrasound examination. This showed that nothing remained but a small enlargement of the deep end of the inguinal canal. The doctor asked him to strain as hard as he could; this forced just a small amount of fat into the deep end, but no bowel, and there was no protrusion.

Within a month Anthony was regularly carrying 20 kg water bottles around and lifting heavy pumps into the back of his truck, without any problems at all.

Anthony believes that all his therapies helped his hernia to heal, aided by his hernia support which kept the hernia in, giving the rupture a chance to heal. A devoted Christian, he also believed that prayer played a key role.

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